Armor Piercing and Redeemer of Malmouth

Hello, another question for you…

I am roughly following this build

And I see 2 whetstones on both Redeemers to increase the Piercing damage.

Question is, do I need both of them? Is one not enough?

The armour piercing on each Blessed Whetstone only effects the sword it is attached to individually. You need both Whetstones for both swords to reach 75% armour piercing.

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Thank you for your quick answer!

As far as i can tell (and i want to believe i can because i made the build) whetstone armor piercing is global. You can see the difference by switching out one stone and looking at the weapon attack breakdown.

Double whetstone gives 90% piercing for this weapon.

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I highly doubt this as ADCtH on components like Seal of Blades are not global/only apply to the weapon they are attached to. But something like this is should not hard to test either with a Dermapteran Slicer and an amulet/belt with armour piercing on it.

Just checked in game. Yes, it’s global.

Don’t mean no offense, but i really don’t like when people state smth they aren’t 100% sure of. When i was fresh i had a rough start with some things in GD because i was misinformed about basic mechanics.


My mistake, you are right after testing and confirming it for myself, it is still odd to me how ADCtH is individual yet Increased Armour Piercing is not :thinking:

Yup. Evidently, armor piercing is a global stat like +%dmg. Adcth is not. You can even see that in the char sheet (hover over your adcth and you see main and off hand). Afaik, neither is flat dmg.