Armor piercing mechanics

Quick question…if I have 100% armor piercing, will that convert all the physical damage on a skill to pierce damage?

For example, take cadence.

@16/16, cadence does 420% WD + 182 physical damage.

I get that the 420% WD will be pierce damage, but will the 182 damage from the skill itself be converted to pierce?

Yes, but only if that skill has WD component. It will still convert 100% phys to pierce even if it only has 10% WD

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It’s interesting how some effects that depend on weapon damage scale with %WD while others don’t. Also makes understanding how it works a lot harder :undecided:

Also remember that armor piercing is applied last. So if you have any say physical > fire conversion, that happens before the armor piercing.

Now the question is, what about the physical damage retaliation added to attack?
Does it also get converted to pierce retal?

I think yes.

I dont think retal damage can ever get converted, not even if you add it to attack… but not 100% sure

But they’ve made a point of replacing all pierce retaliation with physical the last few updates. I have to admit I don’t have much of a clue on this topic.

You can convert Retaliation damage now. Asked a playtester and they said yes, tested it for myself and it is in fact true.

That is really interesting. Just to make sure I’m understanding this correctly: Armor piercing on weapons affect physical retaliation damage, yes?

Not sure. Conversion works but armor piercing isn’t the same as conversion.

Yes, but AP ratio is purely dependent on the weapon you are using. Increase AP by x% works like armor absorption so is multiplicative. 40% base AP on a weapon needs +150% from gear/devo to hit 100% AP.

Reaching 100% AP can be a nuisance for some weapons iirc. I guess that will be ranged weapons that can’t make use of the component or blades of nadaan devotion.

It should not, as conversion, as for before FG (don’t know if FG changes something there), doesn’t affect retaliation.

I think they’ve fixed this problem quite a bit with rimetongue amulet. You have nadaan constellation for swords, and pack of treacherous means for guns.

So all in all, not too bad

I think ranged pierce has the biggest issues but with FG it will improve I believe.

There are options like the one you point out but Valdun set even with the belt can’t reach 100% I think

Kind of ironic that Valdun can’t reach 100% (it can reach 90%) because the amulet slot is blocked. Anyway I haven’t used that set, but I guess 10% from perfect isn’t that bad?

Fluff confirm that retal now is affected by global conversion. That is the reason of why most of retal damage is changed to phys retal now.

Now I need confirmation about pierce retal. AP ratio only apply to a skill that has %WD, so it may not affect ordinary retal damage. But what about %retal damage added to attack?

Someone please confirm

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