Army or towers for defense of big Town

I somewhat struggle to Defend my 500 Pop Town.
I have a Town with 3 big Markets placed in a triangle.
I have Stonewalls. I have 8 upgraded Towers and 3 Garrisons With 12 Soldiers in total. They have crossbows and swords (just started to produce shields).

The Problem: Though i can fight off every Attack, my Walls always get breached and i have a big Battle at the towncenter resilting in big casualties (all Soldiers died in the last Battle). Enemies usually come from north or west. I have to Face around 100 Enemies with each attack.

The question:
What is the best Ratio of Towers, Soldiers and garrissons? Do i need to Build up a big Army or Place just more Towers?

Depends on the difficulty level you play.
I never dared play vanquisher, but mid lvl, at 700 villagers, no towers or walls, and 3 to 4 garrisons around the Town-Hall filled with 25/40 sodiers heavy equiped clean the job, no harm.
What do you think guys? At mid level my feeling is roughly 20 soldiers for 100 raiders; a 1:5 ratio.

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my general strategy is to start with towers, one that covers in order of priority trade center/town center/market #1, then add more towers as i can afford them that overlap a little but cover the town. I let the raiders enter the town because I don’t have walls yet, assigning hunters to start attacking raiders, and having villagers retreat to the town center so they can shoot them from there. once I feel like I need to start putting up walls I keep the towers in town right up until I can afford to close the walls completely, which is usually when I can do two layers of stone. I feel like there’s some nuance to determining when I’m ready for that. If I fully enclose the town I want to have at least one full barracks level 1 so that I can task them with approaching where the raiders are attacking the wall or exit the walls to flank them, which means preparing by having all the weapons and equipment ready for my new soldiers. before then I leave a gap in the walls because generally raiders will pick that gap to approach which gives me time to move villagers and hunters around. once everything is fully enclosed I start moving my towers out of the town and to along the walls but i have to have bows ready because every time you move a tower the equipment those guards have vanishes into the ether and new guards are picked that have to go equip themselves (same with barracks and upgrading towers/barracks, this is one mechanic i don’t agree with, hoping they change this in the incoming patch). raiders will try and pick whatever patch of wall isn’t covered by a tower, which you can theoretically take advantage of. every map seems to end up different. my current map is tier 3 at 311 pop with 13 towers with 20 guards across them, and 2 full barracks, but i normally wait until tier 4 for a second barracks.

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You mentioned that the raiders seem to consistently be breaching your walls. Are they getting through in areas that your towers don’t cover? If you have an area not covered by towers, a large number of raiders will likely swarm there seeing it as a safe, unprotected place. Stone walls will take quite some time to breach by raiders, but even with only one or two towers, especially with a single guard in each, a group of forty or more raiders can take that time and still get through before being whittled down.
Also, do you have one or two people in each tower? I don’t know that there really is a perfect ratio, as my experience has been that the number of towers has less to do with population size, and more to do with how physically large your settlement is and the area you need to protect.

My general strategy seems pretty consistent with what has already been suggested. I start with towers, even well before walls, but I always keep two guards in each tower (after all, you pay by the tower, not the guards, so if you have the gear and bodies, why not?), and make sure that all towers overlap their field of fire. I find crossbows are more effective, so I try to get my tower guards armed with them as early as I can. Soldiers and garrisons I add at a later point.

I tend to design my settlements in a sort of neighborhood or district layout, and as I place things, I’m already planning on where walls and towers will go. As @red1 mentioned, try to have the first towers cover things like the town centre and market. I have had others tell me that they’ve encountered raids where the raiders sack outlying buildings, mines, and in one case even a night soil collector. But my experience has typically been that raiders are drawn to two things. First, they aim for places where they expect to get good loot. And it makes sense. I’ve seen them run right past an unprotected stockyard to attack a market, because the market has higher value, more easily transported items than the logs and stones in the stockyard. The other is they tend to respond to whoever is attacking them, so they will go for your towers and town centre. This is where overlapping field of fire makes a big difference. If they split up and attack every tower, the number of raiders per tower is pretty low and the two guards can usually deal with it. If they attack a single tower en masse, the neighboring towers can help reduce the attackers before the tower falls. Hunters can be useful here to lead raiders where you want them, but be careful. I’ve seen a hunter run out of arrows and try to engage a group of over thirty raiders alone in melee combat.

Once I start walling neighborhoods, I usually leave the one with my town centre until a few others are already secured. This is because with a good amount of villagers inside it, and a couple of towers with overlapping field of fire on it, it can do a decent job of defending itself. This is also usually when I’ll start using soldiers. As was mentioned, be sure to equip them well. From my own experience, armour and shields do make a pretty big difference. But as @machin mentioned, well equipped soldiers can easily face far superior odds with a good chance of success. Even with just hauberk, sword, and shield, I would say a 3:1 or even 4:1 is a pretty safe bet. But once you have the soldiers outfitted in plate armour, heavy weapons and shields, and maybe even a crossbow to boot (which is what I usually set them up with), 5:1 or possibly even greater odds are not much of a challenge for them.

When I start to focus more on soldiers, I use them to move to less defended areas. Just remember, soldiers don’t move instantly, so make sure to place the barracks close to areas you think will need the most support. And also remember, barracks double as a pretty high powered tower as well. With range weapons, soldiers can fire out of the garrison and nicely soften up larger raider forces before even getting into combat directly. Once in direct combat, you can have your soldiers fall back to areas covered by towers for the added support as well. The raiders will stay on them, and get drawn right into the towers’ fire.

Of course, all this may need some tweaks and changes with the upcoming patch, as specialized troop types, advanced raiders, etc., may change any or all of it. For now though, it has worked well for me. But as you can see from the various suggestions made, there really is no one size fits all answer. Whether you have lots of towers, or no towers at all, a single garrison with twelve soldiers, or three garrisons with four soldiers each, or any combination you choose, seems more determined by your own settlement layout and what you need to protect, as well as your preferred style of play and defense, than any hard and fast rule or ratio.

Hope the suggestions help, and best of luck with your settlement.


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Thanks you all! I got up to 12 Towers with two guards in each one (i think that helped a lot). I have 20 Soldiers now with Halberds shield and hauberk.
I was able to defend the Town against 131 Raiders with two Rams. They breached my Walls and 5 of my Soldiers died BUT it was way More easy than earlier attacks.
I did some micromanaging with my Armies. It’s very useful to taunt the Raiders with your armies. I Pulled about 30 Raiders from the Main Army and my Men just crushed them one by one. Also i found a spot not covered by Towers/garrison.

Im gonna expand my Army now as Fights got very interesting when using good micromanaging.

I always play vanquisher difficulty and this is what I’ve found out:

  1. If the city is in an open plain and can be attacked from everywhere then the best defense is killing zones because walling is too expensive and ineffective. In my last city (800 pop) I can repel 130-140 raiders without walls. I’ve built 3 upgraded garrisons and just 2 towers (all walled) which control all the area that the raiders targets (mostly warehouse and gold storage). I let them take something from my markets then they’ll go for the gold and warehouse and get slaughtered in the kill zone which is near the garrisoned city center. Just so effective. The only caveat is that you need to kill rams before the assault begins and for that I use hunters and/or a garrison of 12 soldiers. Once they dispatch the rams they’ll retreat into the killzone;
  2. If the city is easily defensible then it’s worth building walls and fortification in the points that are bottlenecks for raiders.
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This is not only an answer to @Darrke , but to this topic.
Once again, I am playing on second level: pioneer/Traiblazer. 700 hours play.

I agree with @ Daniel_Soul, daring to play at top level, wich I am jealous of… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Anyway…

1/ Yes raiders go looting markets at once. Then they will converge to Town Hall… And then killed: their loot remains on the ground. No harm.
2/ Raiders happen to destroy buidings in the suburbs. Mostly fences. Not worthy to have full time archers in towers, in case they come from East-SouthWest ?.. :cold_sweat:
Once, they were so upset… they just ruined a beehive !!! :sweat_smile:… No threat.
3/ Raiders aim TownHall. I only used ArcherTowers in my early beginnings.
Now, I only build them to help my farthest deep-miners from frequent bears. No big deal.
4/ Hunters hunt, they are not heavilly equiped to fight a horde.
I throw them away ASAP as far as possible when attacked (so wagon drivers…)
As mentionned, either they get killed, or even follow raiders out of map, with no arrows !!!
Lives are precious. no use.
5/ Was not mentionned: my relics are changed at once under attack helps a lot. (Stone Markovien, Hunter’s eye, Ark of vengeful dead)
6/ Once again, I never built any wall. None.
7/ Here, my defenses at 780 villagers:
6 barracks (AROUND the TownHall).
They are strong, defend each other, and their crews (opposite from attack) are sent on ground to defend backwards in case…
No wall, no tower, no rocks, no deco.
Sustained 160 raiders, 0 kill, 0 loot, 0 building.

8/ All this is useleless.
Combat politics are changing in a few days !!!

Thanks Crate guys, and thank you guys to make FF even better… If possible… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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In general I don’t bother walling off my town, except for the Town Centre itself and the Vault. I do gradually relocate three towers and a barracks outwards along the line of raider marches until I get close to where they enter from the map edges. These get stone walls designed to funnel the raiders into kill zones, and all towers and the barracks are double walled and triple gated.