Artist reporting in!

I was asked to introduce myself on the forum… so… here I am!

I’m 23 years old, currently living in the New England area. I like coffee, drawing, video games, and coffee.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you. :cool:

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What kind of coffee?

I drink starbucks daily, but honestly I could drink any coffee. I like it pretty sweet though, with milk. :rolleyes:

Oh, one more of the mighty Lords from crate team has come to our mortal realm to spreed his holy wordes. I bow before you becose im blessed to be in your presence.

So great to hear from you … you have been tagged :slight_smile:

Hi there AleDog, pleased to meet you :slight_smile:

Let me be the first to ask, how about a sneaky peek of what you are working on at the moment? :wink:

Hellooooooo! Nice of you to pop in and introduce yourself :slight_smile:

Funny, that’s about how I take my coffee. I do wonder how sweet “pretty sweet” is?

It’s a pleasure to meet another of the crate employees. I’d been wondering for a while if the rest of you merely had accounts because this is the Crate forum and thus weren’t going to post or merely waiting for the right opportunity to do so.

Out of curiosity what kind of artist are you for Crate? Do you do skins, environment or a bit of everything?

Even Iced Coffee?

I had to cut my iced coffee intake. Too much sugar :frowning:

Oh and welcome!


welcome as well, one of the Lords of Crate gift us with their presence

so hi and welcome:)

Welcome AleDog! Nice to see you!

So you do the art for the game? If that’s true you’re certainly doing a great job!

I like coffee too but only when I’m working, I try my best to drink it black, but sometimes I just need a little milk.

Even the grimmest of dawns have a great color… perspective, right?

I am a concept artist :slight_smile:

I do wonder how sweet “pretty sweet” is?

I used to have to mask the taste of coffee with sugar. but now i’ve grown to like the coffee taste so i dont need it AS sweet. :smiley:

Even Iced Coffee?

I prefer hot coffee, actually. iced coffee tastes weird to me :frowning:

Let me be the first to ask, how about a sneaky peek of what you are working on at the moment?

Maybe, in time… :wink:

Welcome! I hope we’ll see some concept art, I always love that.

Med gave me permission to show you guys somethin I did a while back:

That looks awesome!

Kinda contradicts this post;

I work pretty fast so I dont think hes complaining :stuck_out_tongue:

@Aledog, Who’s that in your icon? Did you draw it? is it anyone specific?

Nice concept art!

Welcome! It’s always great to hear from new members of the development team.


@myrmidon: its mine, actually :stuck_out_tongue: LoL fan art

@TECHNOmancer : thanks, happy to be here. :slight_smile: