Aspiring modders' thoughts

I feel ya.I have a disability so can’t go out and work(still fix pc’s from home though)funny i never took on modding.I would love to but man im busy af if it’s not fixing a pc it’s hospital appointments.I all reading setup and extracted my working folders etc but to lazy to begin ::grin:

I nearly finished my graphics idea in 2009-2010 and then quit due to life changes. The problem is my base vision to enhance the original game wasn’t fully realized due to a lack of technology. I was replacing things and the feel of the original was largely lost. Lots of cool art, but more of a graphics TC than a remaster. But still, I was very passionate about it and it didn’t leave me since.

The reason I worked on it over several months recently (90%+ done) is because I was still passionate about it and I wanted to play it myself. I used to do graphics in hopes I’d be accepted by a community and feel accomplishment. These days I don’t care what others think of my project but will release it to the public for those few who do like it.

Once you get that focus and vision you are passionate about, you will make the time to do it. It’s just a matter of how much time it will take to develop the skills of your vision. You need to get the technical parts out of the way first to be sure it can actually be done. Laziness comes from a lack of ambition to put forth the effort to complete it. If playing a game or watching Netflix feels more satisfying, you’ll never start until you find something you feel is worth the effort and will make you happy.

For me, it was the satisfaction that I did something unique that nobody has seen before. At least, that’s what it was initially in 2009. Now it’s just that I want to play it myself and be glad I could use my skills to create something I enjoy. Not just to play it, but to actually enjoy working on it as well. What I learned from this project that made me redo the graphics 6 times before a final look/quality could be established, it can pave the way for other projects in the future I had envisioned. I some ways I really do have 10 projects ahead of me, and it may not even be sarcasm. If I add things outside of graphics then my future becomes muddled and I don’t know what I’ll do, but with graphics itself I could work on stuff for years and never finish what I want. It’s not just to finish something but a lifestyle and choice to create for my own personal enjoyment, and if others like it that’s a bonus.

PS. The key is to find something you really want to play yourself and is unique that others have not done before. The other key is if you actually enjoy modding something like GD like I enjoy doing graphics. If you can enjoy the work, it’ll probably be realized.

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@Pierre So it seems we’ve been booted. :wink:

It’s actually good though but as long as there’s modders this game will stay alive and grow.I am very impress so far with the work of 40k mod and RoT as it took so much time for that.Customization can be done but it takes time and know how.I personally am more a hardware person cept for windows related stuff.I am learning some study guides at the moment but not for modding :D.