Assassin Mark and Blind Fury

I have done some Devotions reshuffling to get Oleron.

Where should I assign Assassin Mark and Blind Fury? Atm, I have Blind Fury on my autoattack (mistborne) and assassin mark on Belgothian from DB line.


protip: your swirling sword pet can have some stuff assigned to it . so if you cant assign olerons to it. assign something onyour weapon.

also you can use 2 beronath shards . just need to be spamming 2 buttons to attack. it works great. (2 x 7 counters)

finally, if you have the nemesis relic, that pet can also be assigned some stuff

any pet that is “scales with player bonuses” is basically an extension of the character, so you can loadthem with heals or whatever. its pretty sweet.

Davood is right, on my Winter King spellbreaker, I assigned Whirlpool to Blade spirit, it proc’ed whirlpools all over the screen. I have also used it to proc other devotions as well, and it works great.

Be aware that devotions assigned to pet that scale with player bonuses will have 0 weapon damage if this devotion has a weapon damage part (blind fury for example).

On Blade Spirit I have Blades of Wrath atm.

But what shall I do with assassin mark and Oleron? I got Oleron on Beronath and Assassin Mark on one of the WPS from Dual Blades line.

That is optimal. I don’t think you really need the mark debuff for random shit you’re killing and if you have it on a WPS + have a significant amount of OA/attack speed you will proc it quickly on bosses anyway, can always switch em if you want to debuff a boss right away too. Blind fury on your auto attack is much better in general. 85% weapon damage and a few dots in a 5 meter radius that you proc almost right away on cooldown is pretty solid. Also nets you some decent lifesteal if you have decent adcth

Be aware of what Redkain says. You can asssign weapon damage abilities to blade spirit, but they will do less damage. On the flip side blade spirit tends to be beastly at procing stuff and I’m pretty sure that each spirit has is like it’s own character with a seperate cooldown cause when I used to use it I could proc 2x blades or blind fury at the ~same time

thanks guys :slight_smile:

edit: btw my OA buffed is now 2,5+k and lifesteal from haunted steel 8%. Attack speed approx 180 or 185%.