Assassin's mark and nightchill

Hi , do assassin’s mark and nightchill’s pierce reduce resistances stuff stack?

From my understanding, you can stack as much RR if it starts with a -, but only one which does not start with a -.

Acid Spray and elemental storm will not stack, as the wording is, “X Reduced elemental …”, but Night’s Chill, starts with “-X% cold/piercing resistance”, and can stack with other forms with similar wording.

Yes. -% rr from different sources stacks.

Flat #rr doesn’t, only highest. Same for %rr and also comes in last

Thanx dude.But can you explain me the "flat " stuff with an example , i don’t get it.

PS:I like your videos , espcially "the anal bleed " fabius one :slight_smile:

Thanxk but it is really ,really hard to understand.

It’s simple, if I’m correct on this. 1 flat resist is all you need, and then you can stack as many RR’s as you want if they have a minus sign followed by a percentage RR.

Ok i get it , thanx for the reply pal .Much appreciate.