asset manager keeps crashing

hey guys i need some help with the asset manager, it keeps crashing on me when i try to build my mods.
heres what i did so far:
i rad the modding tutorial as well as many topics here how to create a mod on my own, ill write it down step by step so hopefully you can see what im doing wrong.

  1. first i opened up the asset manager, working build and tools directories set at GD main directory and then i extracted the core game files.
    that worked fine, after that i chose to make a new mod.
    named it, saw the proper folders being created and then i closed the asset manager.
  2. opened up the editor, chose my mod from the drop down and to create a new world and named it the same name i named my mod.
    then i made one 128x128 terrain, placed one spawnplayer from the records list, then rebuilt all pathing and mapping, saved all and closed.

i saw that the files for the newly created world reside at grimdawn/source folder so i copied them to grimdawn/mods/mymodname/source

  1. opened up the asset manager, selected my mod and found the .wrl file, so i auto-created the asset from it. after this, i get stuck every time. i select build f7 and after receiving messages of the process at the bottom, at a certain point the asset manager crashes. every time

did you place the map files in another subdirectory like “Maps” I believe is the default created for a new mod or just in the source folder, also load the wrl again with the editor, wrong pathing can mess up the regions, if thats the case and the region is all black when you switch to the region view (pretty sure its called differently :D) just import them again. I think the its called load existing region… in the menu

one more thing check task manager. sometimes archivetool.exe sits there and it interferes with everything GD modding related.

i tried both placing it in a maps folder and just simply in the source. same thing happens.
the pathing is good i dont see blank terrains/regions once i open the wrl in the editor

no archivetool or any other editor related process running in the background that could cause it to crash.
one of my friends have grim dawn as well so i might as well just carry my files over to him and check if the problem persists.