Asset Manager only partially injesting files

So I’m not even sure how to start talking about this. Spent half a day tearing my hair out.

I was trying to do a simple mod edit on Dawn of Masteries. Make a few tweaks to existing files then recompile the mod. This turned into a whirlwind of hatred. For reasons unknown Asset Manager recompiles the mod into a smaller file size. Loading the mod results in my character walking off the screen away from the camera. The skill system window is fubar’d.

I de-compiled the new arz I generated and the file sizes are much smaller. Its only adding partial amounts of the files. I’ve attached several files here. I’m praying to the Crate gods for an answer.

Props to mamba for trying to pull me out of this one.

All these tiny WRONG files.

Left side here is the file from my attempt to compile the mod. Right side is the original files from the mod.

Left is originals. Right is my newly created, then decompiled ARZ.

Even the one icon here doesn’t work. Skill window is blank.

Mystery solved. DO NOT use grimarz and grimarc tools for quick drag and drop extractions. They are outdated and do not read the current version of the file structure correctly.

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