ASTA is an MMORPG from China which is heavily inspired by WoW. It takes a lot of good aspects of WoW and mixes it with FUN. There is so much detail in the features.

For example, crafting is reminiscent of WoW where you can go out and harvest ore/herbs… You can also hire an NPC and queue up to 5 tasks to harvest stuff for you and he has a rare chance of bringing back various other rare goods.

The game offers everything you would expect from a traditional MMORPG and a lot more… I usually tend to try these MMORPGs and uninstall them quickly but ASTA has held my attention. It brings back some nostalgic feelings from vanilla WoW.

The reason for me posting is to spread the word about a very well done MMORPG. (There is an ocean of MMO’s right now and only a few tadpoles which are good)

Just logging in to add to this. This game is a hidden jewel…I hope these little post can bring more attention to Asta…it surely deserves it. PLEASE DONT LISTEN TO STEAM REVIEWS, try it yourself don’t let them stop you! All Asta needs is more players and it can only get better from there.

This game is garbage, it has already been shutdown twice before even getting to steam and it is major p2w. The population is so low it isnt even funny

Game is on Steam, and yet, it is IP locked… fucking golden!

No need for these people to try to stop you from playing, when the game already does it by itself!