At long last, the Avatar of Mogdogren has been vanquished

Around seven years ago, during early acces I watched with awe and envy how Ninetrix defeated the Avatar of Mogdrogen.
I think it was the first time a player killed the Avatar , not sure tho.
I tried to do this feat myself, but after loosing a few characters ( was playing on HC most of the time ) I gave up.

Today, I finally defeated him.
Feels good.


My first Mogdrogen punishment was made by Warlord too :slightly_smiling_face:, long and tough. First big Celestial frag in my GD career. Good job!

Thanks !
Long fight indeed.

Ravager down today , fight was shorter but he hits harder, had to kite a lot :frowning:


Ravager of Souls is tough for melee builds indeed. Callagadra and Crate are waiting!

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