At what point are do you get the waystone blueprint?

Currently on shard 11 and I can keep going but I kind of want to just do the campaign right now. But I don’t want to cash in what measely rewards I’ll get if I just need to do 1 more to get a waystone blueprint as a shortcut.

There is not much reason to do SR at low levels I think. Epic movement rune blueprints do not only drop from SR. Legendary rune probably drop quite deep in SR.

It could be as long as 25 before you get waystone blueprint. It shouldn’t take long for you to reach 11 if you came back higher level with better gear.

Blueprints are every 15 shards, starting at 5.

Every 5 Shards, the Waystone crafted unlocks a higher checkpoint.

I am max level and fully built for endgame. It wouldn’t take long, but I don’t like wasting time because I don’t have a lot of it.

This is good to know, thanks! I feel it should have been included somewhere in the FG documentation page that I found when googling the problem. It described waystones and their blueprints but no specifics of when you get them.

So the waystone blueprints drop at lvl 15/30/45/60/75 ? Iam confused by the answers.

No, they drop at 5/20/35/50/65.

What should be done to get them? I crashed and got no blueprint. Should I have collected reward for that?

Yes they are in the reward chests

My advice is to stop at lvl 20 or 35 and get the blue print.
Took me many hours to get to lvl 64 and my game crashed …

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