Attack speed limit 200 and, slow debuff?

Obviously the attack speed cap is 200.
What I don’t understand is…
Let’s say, my character exceeds the Attack Speed cap and hits 230 Attack Speed.
The question is…if a monster (say, a Calagadra) puts , e.g. -30 slow debuff on me,
I don’t know if my character’s attack speed goes to 200 or 170.

This game is number one in the world for inconsistency, so you can’t easily guess any questions. Is this a unique advantage of this game? lol

If anyone knows exactly, please answer…

pretty sure speed vs slow debuffs works the same as resist and RR, not 100% sure, but i feel like that’s what i saw ages ago testing it against the kymon slow bois
so should be 200 in your case just like how 80+30 resist is 80 after -30res
important to remember there are different types of slow debuffs, and just like RR they stack, and some will have higher effect than others (like %reduced)

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Yeah going over the cap helps you when you’re slowed. That being said going way over the cap is usually costly so if you go 15+ over or w/e it’s a nice bonus, but not something to worry about.

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Thanks…I was actually guessing it would be similar to RR as well

Thanks…I used to think that attack speed above the limit were a waste, but now I don’t think so.

If you can afford it it’s nice but IIRC I have not seen anyone build for it specifically.

because getting slow res is easier and more effective than stacking 30-40 speed overcaps :sweat_smile:

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