Attackspeed modifier on a transmuter?

Hi Community,

I’m getting started with my mastery, but I stumbled over my next problem:

I’m building an autoattack replacer (like Firestrike) and I want to lower my (base) attack speed in exchange for increased projectiles with a transmuter.

The projectiles work fine, but I cant get the attack speed reduction to work.
So I tried every possibility i can think of to lower my attack speed in the Character Base Attributes and the Charakter Speed, but nothing seems to have the slightest effect on my ingame attackspeed… :sob:

Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance and good night. :laughing:

Attack speed modifier won’t work unless it’s for a buff type skill like righteous fervor or you override the animation with a slower one.

ok I try using righteous fervor then instead. Thanks a ton ASYLUM101! :smile:

Edit: Perfect it works now, only little problem would be the delay for the activation of the charge. I get at least 2 normal speed attacks out before the charge kicks in and reduces my attack speed. Is there a possibilty of changing from “on hit” to “on use” activation of the Charges?