Attribute Point Reset?

Hey Grim Dawn Team,

Attribute points should have an option to be reset, not specifically like Skills or Devotion but maybe as a monster infrequent from an end boss or each new difficulty start, you get a reset of attributes in some form.

This would be great for replay ability, fixing mistakes, and other reasons there may be. It would be a great implementation into the game!



I happen to agree OP, but I know I’m in the minority.

It is good for fixing mistakes (even though arguably those will always be minor mistakes) but I do not see the replayability case.

There are tools out there that allow you to change your attrib points, use them

I’d like to see that as well. I’m not at end game yet (currently lvl66) but I think it may help with replay ability due to people not rage quitting because of mistakes made early in their game. As far as I’m going, I really can’t tell if mistakes have already been made due to all the different gear. Who knows if my build/gear will be totally stuffed end game due to allocating points while leveling and not being able to change them?