Aura of Censure effect radius

Is the displayed radius really the effect radius of the aura on mobs, including the RR?

Because if so, that seems pitiably short, considering the Inquisitor is a predominantly ranged mastery.

For instance at 12/12 the radius is 7 meters, so I would have to stand at most 7 meters away for my target to get RRed?

How often do you get swarmed?

I never thought someone will imply you can shoot from longer range than 5 meters in Grim Dawn. :stuck_out_tongue: It might be possible, but for a very short period of time. Or when you run away like a bitch, but then you simply don’t deal damage.

There are only melee builds in the end game of grimdawn. Period. :rolleyes:

So yes to my original question? :frowning:

Yesterday I noticed this while running Zantarin for his shoulders on a PRM mage hunter (not much of a Crucible player). The guy stands almost completely still and never rushes me. So it was annoying that I had to supposedly stand close at risk of getting chunked by his shotgun vit attack.

So no I don’t often get swarmed, at least while I am in main campaign and fighting bosses/nemesis that don’t move a lot (for lesser mobs it matters less anyway). In Crucible that might be different but isn’t the idea to balance around the main game? :stuck_out_tongue:

:frowning: So disappoint… guess I will go back to my DW nightblade chars then.

Are you playing on ultimate?

I’d trade all damage for a radius like a maximized OFF. The damage is so low and inconsequential it might as well be completely removed. The damage reduction and resist reduction are the main selling points anyway.

Please don’t give the inquisitor more buffs. It’s strong enough as it is.

OFF is the only skill with a radius like OFF. :rolleyes:

I managed to make AoC as my main attack on an Infiltrator, no thanks, I don’t want any changes. If they remove damage reduction and disruption, then okay, otherwise, no. Even the nerfs to Malakor’s Infusion didn’t hurt this character, lmao.

And yet few use it outside of leveling.

Sure am, been playing long enough to care about getting GG MIs.

The issue I have is more one of design philosophy, in that you are confining the aura radius to 7 meters with the expectation that this will only work well in situations where you are getting swarmed by melee mobs, versus more general situations (ranged mobs/mobs that don’t rush you). This limits the versatility of a mastery that is your supposed “go-to” for ranged builds.

I’d be more than in favor of increasing the radius while drastically reducing the amount of RR. This will help out those OP melee build that use it (infiltrator cough cough).

Wouldn’t that just buff the plenty of OP ranged inquisitor builds?

EDIT: I’m intrigued - what do you think is a fair decrease in RR?

If you asked me that directly, I’d answer it should have 1% RR per level of AoC. This is how much I hate Inquisitor in general.

Can you imagine if OFF could apply both freeze AND fire RR to enemies in ultimate? It would trivialize the entire game.

GD would be called arcanist & co.

I think the %RR you’re proposing here is a little rough…it’d make magehunters obsolete.

I think it’d be fair to increase the AoE of AoC but simultaneously giving it a -% total damage modified similar to maiven’s.

EDIT: But perhaps with a more lenient scaling. It is after all an exclusive ability

^Yeah at least enough to kill off all the OP melee inquisitor builds, probably at most 20% at 12/12 and 1% for every 2 points after that.

I don’t think the solution is to ‘kill off’ melee inquisitor builds, but rather to make them balanced.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding you, but killing off a build to me is akin to the huge nerf to CDR breakers.

EDIT: 20% at 12/12 is a little low don’t you think? You might as well forget pairing the elemental arcanist with the inquisitor.

I suppose the Inquisitor %creature type damage bonuses, %DR, flat DR, etc, etc…are all irrelevant. :rolleyes:

There is more than one reason that Inquis is strong and why Aura of Cheese is much more popular than Aura of Conviction. Aura of Conviction is arguably stronger than Soldier’s Oleron’s Rage, as well. But perpetual %DR is much more potent than %physical resist due to defense order.

I suspect that it would be popular even if it only gave -15% RR at 12/12.

I honestly think the solution should be to give Aura of conviction the damage reduction, and aura of censure physical resist, albeit a lower amount.

Lowering the % RR to me seems harsh on builds with no innate RR.

P.S. I’m all for nerfing the inquisitor, just not at the cost of ruining other builds.

get the helmet gaze of empryion it will add 4 meter target area to aura of censure