Aura of Censure

Hi, I’m trying to do a build around this skill (end of Inquisitor tree)

My idea is a soldier with elemental damage cadence, and that aura.

Would it be terrible? The damage numbers of the aura don’t look very high, but beeing an exclusive skill I guess they should be decent.

You would do better with Menhir phys dmg converted to elemental. Censure is tricky and works on specific builds. But you can just try both and see what happens

The main power of that aura is -30% elemental resistance, a strong and reliable resistance reduction that greatly boosts your damage.

As for Cadence - sure, you can use transmuter, but it works only for 3-rd hit, and not for Blitz (that is often used with Cadence).

So that fire damage of the aura wont do much even if going full fire?

The elemental resistances debuff has short range, that’s why I thought I needed a mele elemental attack, like transmuted cadence.

As much is i like RR i’m not a big fan of this aura except a few specific builds that can swing OA and overall resillience quite well