Auto-Pickup Components

i want an option where i can turn on/off that auto-pick up components

Gee. What a helpful summary.

It’s a good suggestion unlike your reply which adds nothing :rolleyes:

It is clear what the OP is saying.

And +1 to this idea, since I never leave a component on the ground.

Ditto. It’s been suggested before, but worth repeating. This would be a very nice quality of life adjustment (and should include rare crafting mats too).

i agree. very useful and components are always picked up imho.

I have nothing against this idea. However, when first starting out, this is great. But when you have hundreds of them after many hours of game play, a toggleable preference would be better. I no longer pick them up. There are so many they fill and clutter my bags. I don’t even want to see them on the ground anymore.

Same with potions, but those are easier to stack since there are only two kinds to 100 (why not 1,000 or 100,000,000,000? :slight_smile: )

Good sugestion, after component stacking was added I don’t see any reason to leave components on the ground.

It would be even better to have an option to auto-pickup all the filtered items. When I set the game to show all yellow (magical) gear and up, I pickup every yellow item, so it would be nice to have an option to auto-pickup them.