Avatar of Mogdrogen

Its a noobish question I know, but hey, I coudnt find info on it and I dont wanna fail on it.

Sooo, will “Avatar of Mogdrogen” disappear if you die to him?
And, will he disappear if you defeat him? On youtube I saw he disappears when being killed, obviously, but will be back in next game session?
Or will he just be there in every game session no matter what?

Thx for clearing that up for me!


If he kills you he won’t disappear, so you can just return to where he is and resume the fight. You can only defeat him once though, but he will be there next to the shrine in every session.

You can only defeat him once per difficulty, so once on:

  • normal (veteran)
  • elite
  • ultimate.

So 3 times max, you cannot defeat him twice for normal and veteran, only once in each of those. If you can defeat him without major problems on veteran that is an indicator of a pretty solid build that you have, he gets pretty tough on elite and ultimate and usually don’t even bother cause the fight would take too long and he can easily rip even good builds with a bit of bad luck or not paying enough attention, he has a uniqe shoulder armor I think but it’s nithing really special and most of the just not worth it.

Even after you defeat him on a certain difficulty he will be back in the next game session. You cannot really “kill him” cause he’s an avatar of a god, you just get a little easter egg, he’ll say something good about you that you are strong or something like this. I cannot remember exactly, it’s long time since I actually killed him, back when I was still playing SC.

I really don’t like fighting those guys on HC, maybe on veteran but like I said it’s usually just not worth it, perhaps for an achievement but really not much else.