Avoidable bone/obsidian prisons

Been on my mind for a while already.

Right now, if I understand it correctly, Skeletal and Obsidian golem-type enemies just cast their CC skill at you like it’s a CoF. It’s a major source of annoyment, especially when fighting two or three at the same time - can be pretty much chain-disabled at times.

My suggestion is to make it work that way: they create it on the ground below you, marked by some special effect. If you don’t move away in 1 second the trap is activated and you’re CC-ed. Similar to how Widow works.
Also since it’s not always possible to see what’s on the ground due to lots of special effects littering the area, I suggest that enemies telegraphed it with special animation. E.g. IIRC casting obsidian prisons looks like they are sinking their blade arms into the ground, maybe add some glow on the arm when they are using it for extra awareness?

I think this change will have a positive effect on game dynamics. To compensate for making the game to some extent easier, Idk, make CC effect slightly stronger and slightly reduce it’s cooldown?

I thought the “Reduced Entrapment Duration” stat is already a solution for this problem.

Nope, it just effects the amount of time u spend entrapped

No, not the way I perceive the problem at least. It’s even more severe because with this stat their CC poses pretty much minimal threat but still stutters your movement. Sometimes it chain-stutters your movement. The worst part is that they could do it almost off-screen.

Definitely yes.
This would change it from an item check to a player awareness check.
It’s also one of the reasons why many builds can’t do higher Crucible, because they don’t have enough CC resist.

I think I’ve brought up the same thing before about Doom Bolt style attacks from enemies, which force you to get a certain resist or you just get nuked down.

I have died a couple times to being chain trapped this way in the crucible when you get huge waves of obsidian guys and skeletal golems. A lot of the time you can’t attack any enemies as it locks you into facing whatever direction.

So, I am in favour of making it in some way avoidable because it can be really frustrating when know it is going happen and there is nothing you can do about it.

Just came here to post this

I somehow read that as “Avoidable Boner persons” :eek:

It would help if trap resist wasn’t capped at 80. Or if we were able to raise it somehow like other resists.