Awesome game!

Hey everyone,

I just got into the legendary status, hopefuly contibuting a little bit to the creation of this awesome game! I think it deserves our support.

Nice! :wink:

Hey Mihalis,

Thanks you joined the train, please take a seat! =)

yes there is a spare seat way over there

points to the very far end of the hall

we need more seats:D

anyway, hi and welcome to the forum and the ever increasing legendary key holders club

Thank you for welcoming me guys! As they say, patience is a virtue. I am sure it will worth it! :wink:

Still haven’t got my game key… its not that i can do anything with it but it will feel more like i support this game.

I suggest you write medierra (click for redirect) a PM about it, he will help you asap. Sometimes it does not work, not sure why, he will tell you (but you should have it instantly when you paid). =)

Please, PM him, he will gladly help. =)

Thank you for the heads up insane. I did sent an email to support yesterday so i will give the guys the weekend to respond. If i do not get a response then i will PM medierra.