Azeron Keyboard support!

I Have recently purchased an Azeron Keyboard it is more like a keyboard and controller hybrid allowing the use of keybinding while also using the 360 degree movement of a analog thumb stick same as controller left stick.
All key bindings work amazing when i set up in grim dawn.
Also movement work great as well just like a controller.

The problem I have are both are not supported together so there is a 1 second delay when i use together.

I was very excited to use this product with Grim Dawn the ability to move/kite but have all key binding at my finger tips and being able to aim at the enemy’s all times not switching between targets and movement with mouse would have in me eyes been a great advantage to players!

Thank you for any help you can provide.

People been asking for WSAD + Mouse and didn’t get it.
I wouldn’t count on implementing your even more exotic control scheme

Preventing this movement is specifically why WSAD and other such control schemes are not in the game. Crate does not want players to be able to do this.

if by advantage you mean ‘makes the game easier’ I agree, which is why it is not implemented, since it messes up the balance / requires a different balance

Let me be very clear this is not a dig at the game I have only been playing for a short time! I have absolutely fallen in love with the game and the online community are amazing and help full as well!
The games balance again are spot on i am all for “if its not broken don’t fixing it”.
I am just a gamer and I like to test games and see what I can do on them and I have a new toy that I also have fallen in love with.
Would it give the player a massive advantage in game of course it would that is why I want to use it. The keyboard is a new concept it will not work with every game I like I know this but I can only ask?
I am not a developer and to make such an amazing I commend them Grim Dawn is such a fun game.
My point was both things work and its soooooo close could it be a simple fix?
I disabled the thumb stick and cracked on with mouse and the keyboard and played for hours its fine I still love the game and I have no intention of letting this stop me playing.

p.s sooooooooo close hint hint wink wink if they read this! or any programming wizards!

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