B28 Hotfix 2 (v0.3.6.5)

v0.3.6.5 (b28 Hotfix 2)


  • Fixed an issue causing hitching when loading dynamic level content.
  • Fixed a bug where Menhir’s Bulwark could be used without a shield.
  • Fixed a bug where devotion points could be lost if the player died immediately after a shrine was activated.
  • Fixed a bug where channeled skills would continue being cast after the player died.
  • Fixed two uncommon rendering crashes.
  • Fixed constellations showing up twice under Constellation Dependencies.
  • Fixed certain skills not working with On Enemy Death auto cast Devotion skills.
  • The chat window is now visible in the Devotion Window.
  • Fixed a bug where LAN connections didn’t work with some network adapter configurations.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Fort Ikon gate to remain locked.


  • Fixed a bug where Tsunami would be fired at incorrect angles.
  • Fixed a bug where Bat Fang would be launched from an incorrect position.

Thanks alot, your work and dedication is very much appreciated!

Just want to say thanks for this, I realize it is a little thing, but very much appreciated.

Someone try if it is really fixed and report back :smiley:
I am at work.

Thanks for your great work Crate :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys! I wonder if these changes will fix the crashing and game freezing issues when you alte certain video configurations…

By far the best gaming development team I’ve seen, kudos to Crate!

No, it didn’t… :cry:

The game will crash even if I merely switch from fullscreen to windowed…

I guess this might be fixed with a new build only.

Please write a description of the problem into your crash reports so we can identify them.

Looks like you even fixed the microstutters from former builds.

A very good fix! Thumbs up for that!

thanks for yours woks and dedication.

Ok, will do.

EDIT: Sent it.

Thanks. Have you edited the value of “maxResourceThreads” in the options.txt file at all? If so, please set it back to 1. You might also want to try verifying your game files in Steam if you haven’t already.

Nope, I never changed the game configurations manually like that on Grim Dawn.

I’ll try verifying it, as you said… maybe it can do the trick.

EDIT: Nope, no luck here. I’ll check the video drivers, just to mak sure.

Thanks. Is this only when starting in fullscreen mode? For example, can you switch from windowed to fullscreen without a crash, but then switching out of fullscreen to windowed crashes?

I’m currently playing on Windowed (borderless) mode, but depending of the area I try to switch it, it works normally (like just now, inside of the Tomb of Korvaak, where I tried to reproduce the crash as you asked for me earlier), but most of the time, the game freezes, the screen starts flickering and then it crashes.

EDIT: In case you need to know it… my video board is a NVIDIA GeFroce 9500 GT 2543 MB


I’ve tested it for an hour and not a single 1 seconds screen hitching!

Thanks Crate!

I still hitch a bit but only in devils crossing and out in open areas, but it’s not anywhere near as bad as before, thanks guys

Nice! Now can we get a visible health bar while the devotion window is open? :slight_smile:

I’ve been having this issue as well. It crashes both times from windowed (borderless) -> fullscreen and back again. Sometimes it does not crash right away and instead either goes to a black screen (with a working mouse pointer) or whatever screen I had been on (main menu, in-game etc.) with a lot of missing textures. Then it’ll crash after a time.

GTX 770. maxResourceThreads 1 or higher and still experience this.