Baby will follow wild animals and can't be sellected

If you select a group of people to attack the wild animal including a building containing babies, then the baby will follow the wild animal even after being seriously injured. And that baby can’t be selected until become a body.

How were you able to select babies?

I can’t select the baby. I just happened to select the house containing the baby, together with other people to attack the wild animal. Then the baby came outside and can’t be selected anymore.

Well that’s my question, how did you select a house and commanded its inhabitants, including the baby?

I selected a group of people near that house. I am not sure if I exactly selected that house. However the baby came outside

I didn’t select people in the house. Just simple command when you face a wild animal that you select a group of people near it. That bear run away when its hp was low. I try to let all people not chasing it and there was a baby following it and couldn’t be selected

Right, so you could drag select people near a house, and it would grab its inhabitants as well, but it should not grab babies.

I cannot no matter what I try, so I’m wondering what you did to manage to do so.

I tried later but also couldn’t recover that situation. Basically, it is like when you have an available inhabitant in the house, there will be a small yellow circle around the door of that house. But I think that time that yellow circle representing a baby which is kind of wired.

Anyway, thanks for replying. Just to report my experience to help this game. Really like this game and looking forward to its improvement!