backer rewards..MIA

i’ve been trying to get my keys for backer rewards…and through contacting humble bundle found out what happened. SO i found my key, activated it on steam…fired up a fresh character …and still no in games items… Am i missing something?

There’s a vendor outside the Burrwitch prison gate that has the rewards. Talk to him.

ahh this i did not do…thanks for the info

His name is Kory the Keeper.

aww man …little disapointed in the brew…since it was said it had benefits AND disadvantages not just disadvantages… Oh well

Benefits = you have a drink

Not sure where you read that, the ‘Buy Now’ page says (as did the KS)

Enchanted Burrwitch Brew that never runs dry. Far from granting an unfair advantage, this vile brew is certain to dull your combat abilities and may induce vomiting.

Ha. The only thing I was disappointed in the brew was that I was really hoping they would do like Guild Wars (1) where you could get drunk and the screen would get blurry and trippy. Hopefully they still take this into consideration and revamp it a bit in the future.

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