Bad Gateway??

Is anybody else getting “Bad Gateway” errors all the time? For me it started yesterday wan i was unable to access any part of the site for several hours. Today they seem to be very short but often i get a “Bad Gateway” error when opening a thread or trying to post, however reloading the page fixes it (unlike yesterday).

Too many people on the site as FG release approaches?

That’s normal :slight_smile:
Ctrl+F5 can help sometimes, but not when forum is down.

OK. That’s really becoming silly. Since i wrote that post 2 days ago i keep getting 502 - Bad Gateway errors all the time. I can access some topics but not others. I’m not sure but it seems like any topic that’s not several hours old will give me a bad gateway. As for individual posts it seems even more random : sometimes i can’t open the last page of a topic that has a recent (less than a few hours old) post, other times i can.

I tried reloading. I tried clearing my cache. Nothing changes and this only happens on this site so i don’t think the issue comes from my browser but i see other people answer in those topics i can’t open so obviously not everyone is affected similarly.

Any tip on how i can continue to use the forum? Any known issue with the website?

What seems to help for me is to log out of my account and then back in.

It might be linked to your cookies (I used to have that kind of error messages at work :slight_smile: ). So log out / in can help. (or incognito mode)

I have the bug on almost every thread that I try to read =/

Thanks for the tips. It seems like logging out, then deleting the cookies and logging back have fixed it. Will keep that in mind if it ever happens again.