Balanced skills.

What makes devs modifies on every patch certain skills .Their personnal feelings or do they take in to account some replies they have on the forum?

Because on what i see , there are overpowered skills that are nearly never modified ( because many players use exclusively them to end the game)
and when they are it created some kinda of a drama.

On the other side skills that needed 0 modification that are hugely modified (rend for example).

I was just curious about all that , i just hope for the game that decisions are not taken in a demagogic way .

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Both. Along with looking at particular trends on the forum as well. (Not just individual replies/comments, but seeing how the community as a whole approaches the state of the game)

If you have insight into the over/underpowered skills you speak of, the devs would surely love to see it.

Not sure there is a community more like an oligarchy from what i read here but thanx for the reply anyway.

Well duh, I’m the king. :smiley:

Everybody gets their say, Praetorians might just get a say first, but we read all feedback.

A beholder?Thanx for the reply bro.

Remove the cowboy hat from gazer man item and add this crown

And we know what happens to oligarchs! Just look at what happened to Arkovia!

Okay, seriouspost (and a highly speculative one so bear that in mind):

I don’t know if you’re referring specifically to the Praetorians here, but yeah it can look like an oligarchy at first glance. There aren’t many of them, it’s hard to become one (assuming Crate even recruits them anymore), and a lot of changes that make it in to the game are based off their ideas. However, I’ve spoken with enough of them to know that they don’t always agree on everything and Crate doesn’t always adopt their proposals.

And speaking of the dev team itself, well…Zantai already covered that pretty well. :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, I’ve posted feedback before, both publicly and in the no-reply section. It gets read, and I’ve even gotten a reply or two from the devs. That doesn’t happen often, what with that whole development gig of theirs going on, but it proves that they read it at the very least.

Also, I can think of a few situations where they listened to the community in aggregate and balanced the game around their feedback. Cadence is probably the best example, it was weak for ages and they massively buffed it after people complained about it for a while.

So basically: the playtesting illuminati aren’t always deferred to, us scrubs aren’t always ignored, and if enough people feel the same way about a given skill the devs almost always address it sooner or later.

I just think many people have very interesting things to say on the becoming of this game and i just hope some may be heard.

Thanx (again) for your reply , you look like a nice dude.

Arngrim could you be so kind to post some examples?

I would like to discuss this. It could be good for development (keeping it in a utter civil way of course).

Flash Freeze is probably the most overpowered skill in the whole video game history.

At level 6, you can perform an attack that can affect an area of 800 square meters, which is as far as I know the most efficient attack in the whole game regarding the area of effect. The attack is not only unavoidable by all monsters in early game, but it also freezes 95% of them and kill 50% of them with the first wave up to level 15, and freezes 50% of the others long enough to finish them with some default ranged attack. For what remain of them, you just have to retreat and spam it again and again.

This skill is basically so overpowered that you no longer need to care about the management of your character up to level 20 as soon as you have maxed it and as long as you are careful enough not to tank strong groups and spam it on and on. The only thing to worry in early game are some types of monsters in the packs of sliths. Everything else does not exist. You can actually even kill monsters before they even notice you and start moving. You can even actually kill monsters before even you notice them: my usual early play with arcanist-related builds is to max it and spam it on and on and walk over piles of ice up to the laboratory. Oops. What was that? Bah, who cares?

Please name me any skill in any ARPG or games with similar game mechanics that is that powerful at such low level.

Too bad it doesn’t work against most Heroes, Nemeses and Mad Queen. It’s good at clearing trash mobs, but there’s few skills that can’t do that.

So it’s overpowered because it clears trash mobs, the enemies that barely matter and are a nuisance at best? Then i guess most skills are overpowered.

There are 85 levels, soon to be 100. OFF is good for maybe 30 of them, until you start using a skill that can clear trash just as well, but ALSO works on the actually threatening, dangerous content of the game.

I was thinking about this skill .But when they tend just to nerve a bit people made such a mess so i think unfortunately it will remain op.

Aether ray for me a bit op too.

AAR is amazing for single target… And that’s it. It’s also not the BEST at single target, just really good. If you want OP, take a look at the boss kill times of some of those Nightblade builds.

What is your understanding of the difference between balanced, efficient and overpowered?

I know. That skill either need to be moved later in the skill tree to make more sense out of its massive area of effect or turned into a ranged skill, a kind of ice blast with a much smaller radius but that you can cast from a distance like a grenado. But it then would be a direct competitor to the shards.
The only option left is to move the damage potential of the ability to its upgrade. 100 ice damage over the whole screen at level 6-12 every 6 seconds and freezing everybody (normal) is just completely overpowered.
Playing an early arcanist in this game at the moment is like having all cheats turned on. You just have your one-clic-full-nuke all-screen-bam-headshoot!!!1 secondary attack that you spam on and on like you had wallhack, norangelimit and autoaim in counter-strike.

I can make a big list of skills that crush Veteran with next to no problems, Flash Freeze is not the only one. Flash Freeze actually starts to suck halfway through Normal/Veteran and that’s late 20s to early 30s.

Devouring Swarm makes most of the first difficulty a joke, so i guess it’s overpowered. Blade Arc and Forcewave do nearly the same thing. Primal Strike too. Want more examples?

Here’s the big difference: all those skills i mentioned work against all heroes. There’s a large group of heroes that resist Flash Freeze and they show up from the beginning of the first difficulty. Story bosses resist Flash Freeze by the way.

But by all means, ask Crate to nerf Flash Freeze. God knows the skill can get even worse than aready is.

If you find the skill/build/play style diminishes they enjoyment of your game time, consider alternative selections.

Not more examples, just one relevant example.

If you can. Because so far I see no skill with a 16 meters radius that freezes.

I understand your point, but you are obviously completely missing mine.

I ask Crate nothing. They made it clear years ago that they couldn’t care less for my reports and that their objectives were not into opening the game to a wider audience or to learn from previous and well established references. And since I see that your biggest concern here are your builds and not the game, I understand that this is just another one of those pointless discussions.

No, they don’t.

The first bosses lose at least 1/6 of their health with each wave. I don’t call that resisting. 100 damage is a massive amount of damage in early game, even for the bosses.

I agree with you 100 % .Not forget the uber crowd control stuff from off.

I saw a guy on ultimate hardcore streaming and quietly drinking and eating while using off :slight_smile: