Bane of the Winter King

Either this item should have +1 to all skills in ARCANIST not Shaman, or some kind of Lightning bonus.

Shaman have ONE skill with any amount of cold damage (Raging Tempest, which adds a tiny bit of cold damage to the Wind Devil).

edit: Ditto for this item

Why force so much Cold damage bonus onto obvious Shaman items?

I want more +skills gear with bonuses that don’t relate to that class. So, basically the opposite of what you’re saying.

Because builds that don’t make sense on paper are fun. Because cookie cutter builds are boring. Because i said so.



You’re supposed to take the 2-handed bonuses and pet bonuses from Shaman and as many cold damage bonuses from Nightblade.

The devs are dropping a build right in front of you.

LOL, Winter King is stupid fun, and I don’t even have all the supporting gear I’d like yet. You’re even flat out given an attack skill to use with it. My DPS (yes, with cold!) is pretty crazy but I’m a bit squishier than I’d like at the moment.

I kind of love how many topics this generates because these are probably my favorite thematic ARPG gear items of all time. It’s a bit off the wall at first glance, but it works!

+1 to this

I love trying to make unique builds that work in the end when thought is put into them, rather than having items that basically make the build for you.

Yes… +1 for making items having useless bonsues for stupid builds that nobody will go for…

You two are beyoond insane LMAO!

That is the point of certain items… to make that crazy build. Not everyone wants to make the build to beat BoC as fast as possible, but to actually have fun.

It is a game, BTW.

Easy hybrid build with Shadow Strike as LMB and pets as a back-up.

Plenty of item granted skills, so there’s no need to take too many if you’re going for the set. Necromancer’s death grips will give you another cold based pet if chillmane isn’t enough for you. etc etc.

I like the idea of the item, I just don’t like the combination of using it with the Briarthorn or Primal Spirit. I feel like Shaman needs a better pet, ie an actual Winter Wolf.

I agree it would be improved by having a wolf as a set bonus or from a third item. Even a transmog for the Briarthorn turning it into a wolf and giving it ice spikes and a howl would be nice to see.

Maybe add another constellation named The Winter King and The Great White Wolf that grant the ability to summon the wolf on crit/attack?

If he was an ascendant of some sort. Might be overkill with two big cold based constellations already. I would also rather see it as a constant companion so you can feel more like you’re taking up his mantle. :slight_smile: