Bar and skills bar attack

I want to change the skill panel and attack panel.Is it possible to do this.

1)Attack panel:
Ability to install two (or more) skills on the left mouse button (for example Primal Strike (Thunderous Strike) and Bone Harvest).
Which skill will be the first one we install ourselves (if only Primal Strike (Thunderous Strike) and Bone Harvest are installed, it will be installed automatically (Bone Harvest will be the first).
The same is done with the right mouse button.

2)Skill bar:

3)Make a modifier button for the attack panel and skill panel.We can assign any key on the keyboard in the settings of the key.We clamp it and the attack panel and the skill panel changes. By default, all skills on the skill panel and on the attack panel are the same as when the key is not pressed.
For example:
This key:
left mouse button:I decided not to change anything
1)Bone Harvest
2)Primal Strike(Thunderous Strike)

Here I changed the right mouse button:1) Reap Spirit,2) Call of the Grave on 1)Devouring Swarm.

Do modding tools allow this?