Bargoll's Memery

Hello everyone! I am on a theorycrafting craze and I created two builds featuring Bargoll’s Core that might serve of inspiration for those that love theorycrafting memes or would like to experiment with this item.

The weapon caught my attention with those nice defensive modifiers to Call of the Grave, which normally has a duration of 10 seconds and 24 seconds of cooldown. We can increase the duration of it up to 19 seconds if we dual wield Bargoll’s Core and also equip Death-Watcher Pendant, which also adds healing to the skill. The weapon also has 5% cdr with nice rolls so we end up with 10% cdr, which means that we have a small window of 21,6 secs- 19 secs = 2,6 seconds with the skill unactive. In total we have: 30% physical resistance, 200% health regen and 15% healing in one skill.

Both builds use Reaping Arc as main damage skill (I know it is getting nerfed next patch -flat aether dmg will be removed but flat vitality increased a bit afaik). Both builds seem very tanky.

My first attempt was a reaper due to dw support from Nightblade and also because I wanted to exploit the health regeneration bonus from Pneumatic Burst. I ended up with a cold reaper that converts all vitality damage and uses blade spirits as additional damage source. I invested heavily on health regen as part of the theme of the build.

Cold Reaper ← : pants, amulet and weapons are without prefixes, so feel free to go with whatever you consider optimal. Also feel free to replace prefix of belt (rimefrost= aether res and cold dmg bonus) with any other resistance, even replacing armor augments. “Of Amarasta’s Flurry” is the best suffix because of slow resistance. It is an autoattack build after all.
I might have gone too far with the hp regen but I liked it. 2.5k hp/s before devotion procs (up to 6k hp/s with both behemoth and tree of life)

Vitality Cabalist ← weapons and medal are without prefix, go with whatever you like. Feel free to replace belt and amulet suffix, even armor augments. This one seems to be capable of more damage that the cold version as this time I did not invest as much in health regen. Since the belt converts chaos to vitality I went for Abomination devotion and Posession. This is likely the strongest build in both offense and defense. I am using Fevered Rage since we shred OA via Pox and Siphon Souls, If that is too much buttons for you then drop any of them and invest in CoF for more radius.

Thanks for reading! My sincere apologies if any of these memes seem too strong. Any suggestion is welcome!


Something like this may look good with 100% uptime for Call of the Grave

making it looks like a bootleg BoD

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Old idea from with the core idea being to push ~80% Physical resistance as often as possible. Keep in mind because it was made during that it was before Reaping Arc became spammable, hence why it uses RF + WPS as well. Also before Final March got nerfed, before I learned Wendigo’s Mark on Bone Harvest isn’t actually that good of a bind etc… Lots of room for improvement nowadays.

Edit: A single Bargoll’s Core and ~40% CDR (attainable with Path of the Three/Star Pact, an off-hand and maybe a bit more CDR from a caster head/amulet) also gets close to 100% uptime as well. Swapping out the exclusive for the Death Watcher pendant gets similar amounts of uptime. Could open up doors for some casters.