Barn and food issues

I have a tier 2 barn with 6 cows and I am having trouble filling the feed stores for the winter. What should I be doing or looking for to fill them up. I also noticed that there is a fodder quality. What does that effect and how do I raise the percent? Lastly, I am having trouble storing enough food for my town. There aren’t many deer near my settlement. I have 133 people with 4 fishing shacks and 4 farms. Do I just need to create more farms and fishing shacks or is there a better way to produce food?

Are your farms productive and have high fertility, few weeds and no rocks yet? If so, also make sure you are planting at the right times and are growing the right mix of of foods. With cows you need to make sure you have root vegetables and grain, especially for the winter months. Turnips work great for this early game as they are not as picky about the field as carrots.

I generally do peas or beans help the field, then turnips as the fall harvest to last the winter and feed the cows. Setting up some extra fields simply growing clover for years to get them to 100% before using them helps in the long run as well and you can ignore the number of farmers the game wants to assign to those fields.

I haven’t quite figured out fodder quality, but it is the grazing area you set from the barn. If it drops and the cows are unhappy, I move the grazing area to get them back on track. Also, if not having enough root vegis or grain available for the cows isn’t the problem, assign a second farmer. Just my experience so far, but even with 2 assigned to a barn, they are barely able to keep up with stocking the barn with food for the cows.


When it comes to fodder quality, you get a display for it while you’re placing a Barn. This is similar to the Apiary’s honey bonus when you’re looking for a place to put one of those. However, there’s no way to call up the Fodder Quality overlay at this time without pretending to build a Barn.