Barn Condemned v0.7.5f

I have a barn that has been condemned but no way of fixing it, moving cattle to other barn or removing the barn completely. It just sits there.

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i’m having same issue with a school and some houses, can’t repair or destroy them :frowning:

Make sure you have the materials and enough labourers, builders who aren’t doing anything else work-wise. They should get around to repairing them.

If you’re low on laborers or your builders are busy they won’t get around to making repairs. If you have tons of laborers but not so many builders try upping the builders by 5 or 10 people, this radically changed the state of my town.

There is also the option to Clear buildings. Hotkey C or just select it from the buttons on the bottom right, drag and select the barn, then click Clear. This works like deleting a building does, just a different method of doing it.

If you have the resources and many laborers, try adding more builders. I recovered a condemned town by doing this (12 or so houses, a market, a healer’s house).

Alternatively if you want to remove and rebuild instead, use the Clear tool. Drag and select the building/buildings you want to delete with the Clear tool then click Clear.

I think part of the report is that the UI says you should be able to activate a repair option, but it doesn’t work. In the mean time, I have found either clearing it like others have said, or try saving the game and then reloading it. I’ve seen condemned buildings that I had designated for clearing get fixed all of a sudden.

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