Barrowholm Faction.

So…I was dumb enough to stay hostile in normal,elite, and ultimate with the Barrowholm faction, and i want to know if there is a way to turn it back, and become friendly or not.

Roll a new character.

I think we should have a way to turn it back, even if we lose everything we made with that faction (rep,blueprints…etc…)

I think if the game gives you THREE chances for choice, you should really not be criticising the system. If after finishing Normal/Veteran (for me that is around level 56, 70 with the expansion) you are not sure what type of augments and weapons/armor you need, and what faction you ally with gives that… I dunno what to say, then.
I mean they are a Wendigo cult, so I expected their gear would be bleeding/vitality and thus useful for my Blademaster. My Druid on the other hand will likely not ally with them.