Barrowholm quests problem

Disclaimer : this post contains no spoilers about AoM campaign.

I don’t know if this has already been brought to Crate’s attention but there is something I’d like to point out about Barrowholm quests where you need to get access to Scorv’s chest.

In the game you have quests I call “retroactive quests”, meaning when you are asked to kill a rare monster, you can kill it in advance even if you don’t have the quest. When you get it, you can turn it immediately because the game knows you have killed this monster already.
In general, players who know the game well and want to xp really fast do the following : they sweep an entire zone and then turn back all the quests at once.

In Barrowholm, there is a quest where you need to kill 6 monsters in the mine. Problem is, if you sweep the zone prior of having the quest, you have to remake a game just to do that. Meaning you lose any active buffs (xp potion i’m looking at you). You also lose “retroactive kills” like Sylvarria (you only get the quest after you brought the fetish to the Coven but you have encountered her if you sweeped the Ugdenborg Forest).

It is the only quest in the main campaign that works that way, if you don’t take into account bounties.
IMO this should be changed somehow.

Yeah. Some quests in the expansion worked retroactively while others didn’t. It seems inconsistent and worth called a bug for me.

AFAIK that mine quest doesn’t count if you don’t kill 6+ before having it, the counter will be at 0 when you pick up the quest then.
But if you kill more than 6 it will count even if you didn’t have the Q beforehand, I know I’ve done that before.

Other kill quests like Sylvarria will still count if you’ve done them even if you leave the current game instance.

This is correct. The quest system can’t handle tracking a kill X step if you are not the quest, but I can indirectly count the kills via a script and if you got the required number, I had it give out a retroactive credit token.

I tend to clear all the way through Homestead before ever speaking to Bourbon the first time and I noticed this quest didn’t work the same way as the rest. I figured the crabs didn’t spawn until the quest was given - a minor annoyance but nothing too harmful to the experience.

Also, every other enemy can be killed at any point (say, Bolivar for Kymon’s Chosen) and regardless how many times you exit the game, it will still register as if you killed him. To my knowledge the crabs in the mine is the only quest that won’t register kills before accepting the quest.

They don’t spawn before you get the quest I think

They do, I’ve done it before without having the quest.
You just don’t see them on the map marked as a star since they aren’t a known objective.