Base Frostburn Damage

Does any know what Item, component, devotion etc. will give a base damage for Frostburn. I have Frostburn Modifier +545% but Frostburn damage is 0

I’ve looked about and it all seems to be +% damage. Any help would most grateful.

it comes from skill, item procs and devotions procs. Your % bonus will amplify those dmg sources.

There are multiple of each (except components) perhaps try looking again.

Not very helpful but thanks anyway

i will try to understand your problem : if on your character sheet your frostburn dmg is zero it just means on your current setup you have no skills or devotions or other procs that count as source of frostburn dmg.

For skills:
For devotions: download txt of devotions list, ctrl + f and find: “Frostburn”.
For items: go to -> Serch Term: “Frostburn Damage”.