Base Pet Stats

I am trying to make a pet build and it turns out the hidden stats are quite important. So does anyone know the actual base stats for pets, or maybe how to calculate them using those unhelpful grimdawn.gamepedia formulas?

For example:
Hellhound has this for OA:

charLevel = playerlevel*1
Cunning =(charLevel*7.5)+40
Offensive Ability = (charLevel*6.5)+50

So at level 85 my hellhound should have 677.5 cunning and 602.5 base OA but…how much OA does the cunning add?
If it’s the same as players we can add half the cunning value to the base OA and end up with 941.25 OA.
But this is way to low…if memory serves it should be around 1700 OA.

Thanks for any assistance!

Adding on to the OP’s questions: how much have pets’ OA increased with the new levels? Following DaShiv’s guide, the base OA of the Hellhound and Primal Instinct Swarmlings was around 1833-1900. Do they exceed a base of 2,000 OA now that they are 15 levels higher than pre-expansion?

It would be nice to confirm if the Gamepedia’s equations for pet OA are correct or not.