Batman Begins

Hi all, no doubt some of you will recognize me from the forum.

Looking forward to buying a key as soon as finances allow.
Looking like a great game with a growing community and some excellent moderators.

Speak soon,

As the finances allow? Looking at the lappy you’re boasting with, you have no financing problems Oo

And hi.

Welcome Batman.

A bit of history for you…my first read on was your “A Seer’s Journey”. Very nice. Makes me nostalgic for when TQ was new.

Welcome to Grim Dawn Batman. :slight_smile:


Welcome, Batman!

Yep, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you around.


cough welcome :smiley:

Welcome to the show! Good to have you on board!

Hey old-timer! Welcome to the forums…

And yeah, that laptop is significantly better than the new one I bought to show the game on! Now we know why finances are tight. 0_o

Hi and welcome and most importantly, that rig is a DESKTOP which explains a lot since I don’t think they have those specs for laptops yet (best is prolly the i7 920 @ 2.0 ghz)

Was about to say you have a better laptop than mine @_@

Thanks for the welcome, guys.

I think some folk may have read my sig before I changed it. I sold the Rock XCTX to my daughter as it was 3 years old.
Current rig is indeed a desktop unit coupled up to a Philips 23" HD monitor.

Ah, “A Seers Journey”… I really enjoyed that thread. Recently re-installed TQ:IT and am re-reading the forums.

Hey Medierra, those IronLore T-shirts don’t fit anymore…

Welcome aboard C=!

Haha… maybe we need to put up a shop for GD / Crate t-shirts

I’d buy a crate T-Shirt, it’d be awesome.

Building a better tomorrow, one game at a time. Right?

Shipping and handling to places outside the US might double the price of the T-shirt :frowning: But I’d love to wear them.

I’ll be in Toronto in August, you could send some up to my brother’s house there and I’ll bring them home to distribute around the UK.

Oh well, just an idea…

PS. I’ll need an XL now…(Real life sucks!)

Oh - that’s what you meant by don’t fit anymore. Thought you want to wear Crate’s T-shirts, now. :wink:

Yeah, Batman appears to have eaten a few too many pies.

Llama & Onion, my favourite.

ooo, lemme know if llama gives you indigestion as well… phoo, the stinkers.