Battle Brawlers (Steam - AWESOME Strategy Game)

I must say, I had NO IDEA what this game was and just so happened to try it. I think this game has to be the most fun I ever had! Usually these kind of games have one or two “cookie cutter” unit builds but this game has SOOOOO many units that there are endless possibilities on how to win. To top that off, you start with random units every match in which you can reroll every 60 seconds.

If you are looking for a very FUN strategy game, FREE… Check this out…

The game might come across as pay2win… Trust me, after playing 50+ hours I will say that it isn’t pay2win at all. What matters is your skill… And you also unlock stuff quickly if you complete all your daily tasks/quests. I have almost all units unlocked and a full rune page without paying any money.