Battle Fury proc could use an impovement

If someone’s wondering “the hell is that”, it’s this guy:

Suffix itself is pretty dope, granted skill - not so much. Mostly because of duration/cooldown ratio - 20% uptime.

“Battle Cry” from “Of Kings” - 30 sec cooldown as well, but 12 sec duration, works in a radius and provides arguably better bonuses (all damage and total speed). Also is available on all armor pieces. 40% uptime.

“Enrage” from “Frenzied” - 20 sec cooldown, 8 sec duration. Decent bonus to OA and attack speed. 40% uptime.


Improve proc’s uptime by either reducing its cooldown and/or raising its duration.


Hmmm… how are you calculating these uptimes? They seem lower to me. Or are they the ones you suggest?
I’m not sure about buffing these because they could become “mandatory” on armor pieces as a result .

As I understand, cooldown starts as soon as the buff is procced, so in case of Battle Fury, when it expires, remaining cooldown is 24 seconds. I might’ve fucked up though, as I calculated it as X / (Y - X) where X is duration and Y is cooldown. But I think it’s just X / Y, which leaves Battle Fury in a sad position anyway at 20% uptime.

Battle Cry and Enrage are 40% then. And I’m talking about improving Battle Fury’s uptime a bit, not those two as well.

I also don’t see how it will make this particular suffix “mandatory” given that gloves slot is pretty important and you get attack/casting speed from it, as well as skill mods. You only get 2-4% of either depending on the type of gloves you’re crafting. That doesn’t sound nearly as OP or mandatory to me =\

You are right, I didn’t know this is some gloves-only affix and I also misunderstood the op a bit.

Yeah, don’t sweat it. I also wasn’t thinking clearly when calculating uptimes XD

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