Beacon of Lost Souls and Vitality Conversion

I’m just now see the steam and OMG…
Beacon of Lost Souls was lost his Pet Conversion

Z say that this converison move to another non Lost Soul item(s)

So I ask that tnis item will not be Helm, Shoulders, Chest Armor, Amulet or Medal
I know at least 5 non-skeletons build that use this Pet Conversion

And I suggest put this conversion to Mythical Ravager’s Bite

Don’t destroy our build, Z, PLZ :cry:


Please provide more details on the topic, i.e. links to the mentioned builds, why other item slots are not suitable for vitality pet builds and etc. It will clarify your point of view and your concerns and probably will help developers to address possible issues with the conversion change.

@Valinov, could you please take a look at the thread and share with us your thoughts on upcoming change for vita pet builds?

  1. is my own build

I use main hand and gloves for conversion
I use full beastcaller set that use 4 slot (one of them is medal)

  1. is @John_Smith build. Hi did’t public it here but it’s very simmilar to this buld by gear

he use lost soul scepter and conduit to vital Aboms + Ghoul Set

that’s why if new (updated) item will be something else exept I posted before, it will absolutly destroy such builds
and will reduce the variety of pet builds

I know that we have 2H Axe Guardian of Death
but look at it
this Axe have bonuses again like lost soul to skeletons and necro
and this Axe don’t have mana regen
I can’t play Pet build with so poor mana regen

That’s why I suggest put this conversion to Mythical Ravager’s Bite

Mythical Bonescavenger’s Deathgrips have the 50% conversion instead in v1.1.6.0.

And Mythical Spiritbinder Glyph has 50% Elemental to Vitality conversion for pets.


I had a cold pet build planned that used those gloves, that one goes out the window then.

This is good news :ok_hand:

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Mythical Bonescavenger’s Deathgrips is broken gloves
Proc works than Hero (Pet Master) kill a target
Pet Master can’t kill anything, his damage is 7-10K on absolute
Can you change it to 100% chabce on crit or 25% on hit?

Leave my Ravager’s bite alone. I don’t want filthy Vit conversion there!
Makes love to Bleed Pet build instead

where can I find another 25-50% conversion?..

Master of Death has 25% conversion so don’t discount that.

Also, Will of the Crypt for Skeletons.

do you read my posts?
how could I use it on conjurer? :rofl:

the same answer

in 1.1.6 if I want to use vitality pets, I must use necro mastery?

nice variety :innocent:

@maya with elemental to vitality conversion on Spiritbinder Glyph do you think good Cabalist can be made with Diviner set?

You say that like getting 75-100% conversion is necessary to play Vitality pets. 50% on it’s own isn’t bad (and even gives a reason to use Bonescavenger’s which previously were rarely/never used).You also get up to 100% Elemental->Vitality conversion now. If you want extra Physical->Vitality conversion then you can always pick Necromancer as one of your masteries. I think that’s fair.

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and I think not

you say that if I want to make vitality pets Imust use necro? but why? why I can’t use non-necro-mastery?

Bonescavenger’s don’t use 'cos they broken. and conversion don’t help them

that’s the problem to replace conversion from one 1H melee weapon to another 1H weapon?

Where did I say that? I said that 50% Physical->Vitality conversion should be enough for Conjurer and Necromancer gets more as one of it’s perks. Simple to understand.

You should certainly be able to do Vitality pets with Occultist/Shaman, you just don’t get as much via Physical->Vitality conversion but get more stats/ways to boost damage in different places like higher RR on Devouring Swarm for Shaman.

100% Elemental->Vitality enables pure Vitality pets like the Familiar, almost all of the Yeti/Hellhound and turns Storm Spirit into an additional source of flat Vitality damage for your pets alongside Blood Pact as an option amongst other things.

I’d still say the change is a step in the right direction.

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I mean why would you actually want to use Vitality pets unless you are stuck with no other option?

I would convert Skeletons into Pure lightning if I had the option for eg(without skipping on stuff like Will of the Crypt).