We need some Bears. Zombie Bears, Aether Bears, Chaos Bears, and so on. Just a bunch of Bears cause who doesn’t like wrecking Bears?

Honestly? Yes, please. Even if they’d be smaller versions of Chillmane Yetis.

More wildlife in general would be welcome. They can’t ALL be aether-mutated or dead, right?

Nah, we have plenty wildlife (wasps, dermapterans, boars, spiders, …) wildlife cannot have MIs :wink:

Dermapteran Slicer.

Also Rift Scourge Slicer.

They could pull a TQ and just make every animal a beast-human hybrid so they can carry stuff.

Yeah, would love to see wild dogs and also, friendly dogs you can interact with. :slight_smile:

Dogs would make some degree of sense, I think (as would packs of wolves, mutated or otherwise). We know they existed pre-Grim Dawn because otherwise why would the Hound constellation be a thing?

But now I’m thinking more about “scenery” stuff. Where are all the birds (that aren’t ravens)? Where are the smaller animals scuttling away into holes or bushes or boxes when you pass by?

They died in the great budget fire that proceeded the Grim Dawn.

Huh. I was half expecting “Engine limitations” to be cited as the reason. :^)

Oh I suspect that’s very much part of the reason, they’ve push the old Iron Lore engine pretty hard, but budget costs probably played a bigger role. 3d models art expensive to make wages wise and then there’s the AI behaviours for them to make them non-static.

Wait. Brain just threw something up.

Stalker crossed with Grim Dawn would be potentially very fun, especially with all the potential animal interactions. Though probably a pain in the rear to create…

Time for another Kickstarter for bears and criters!

“Ah yes, the great budge fire of that year nobody really knows…Cairn was indeed scarred by this tragedy…In fact, had the Grim Dawn not occurred, we may have indeed collapsed regardless, as the ecosystem failed miserably due to lack of a sustainable food chain.”

:slight_smile: Can we have some old guy in game tell us this? That would be a really, really fun easter egg.

you mean preceded? very sorry to hear about the bears! fortunately the gods of minmax-deliciousness keep us distracted :smiley: