Beary Good News (April Fools 2024!)

Hot on the heels of our huge v0.9.2 combat update, we want everyone to know that we are not about to slow down. In fact, we are bearly getting started. There is so much left to talk about, it simply cannot wait.

Today, we are proud to announce the major features of our upcoming v4.1.24 update. This may feel like a bit of a big version jump, but bear with us, it will all make sense.

Keen eyes will observe some immediate changes in the key art. As you may have surmised, this update will bring in the highly anticipated and overwhelmingly requested swap to bears. As bears do not in fact have thumbs, this may have some adverse effects on the productivity of your town, but we believe it will be more than made up for by the fact that the villagers will be bears. Welcome to the Farthest Frontbear!

With the changes to villager bears, we immediately realized that there was a conflict with another of our features, which is wild animal attacks. It took our science division 16 months of research and development, but we came up with a solution: bear villagers. These dangerous animals will wreak havoc upon early settlements, but your late game defenses should prove more than sufficient. Just remember to fence off your barn animals!

Naturally, if you, like us, are excited to play in bear mode, you can simply go to your Steam Library (you may need to restart Steam first):

  • Right click Farthest Frontier.
  • Choose “Properties”.
  • Select the “Betas” tab.
  • Select the Bear Mode branch in the dropdown box.
  • Suffer the consequences of your life choices.

Enjoy! For who knows how long bear mode will last!


I can bearly hold in my excitement!

This is a Polar opposite from anything I expected!

Will Breweries in the near future be changed to Bruineries?

Or can we just rename our Breweries to Schultheiss? (Berlin in-joke)


nice april fools joke

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Love it :rofl: Good job guys

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I love this and I love all you devs and fans :smiley:

You’ve got to be kidding, this isn’t even remotely historically accurate.

On the contrary, Bears are an integral part of historical city or town building. The cities of Berne and Berlin are both named after earlier words for Bear, and the symbol of Berlin is the Dancing Bear (which FF doesn’t have, but I’m sure will before release).

The Bear is the most common totemic animal in the world, much more common than tigers, tardigrades, tasmanian devils or tortoises. Bearskin busbys were the cap of choice among elite European troops of the 17th and 18th centuries (I’m really surprised FF doesn’t have them for the Heavy Infantry).

Finally, Bears are one of the foundation animals illustrated in the books in the FF Libraries:
Goldilocks and the Three Bear Facts - a furry tail
Hucklebeary Fin by Samuel Trout
The Right to Arm Bears by Thomas Pain
The Polar Bear Express by Van Allsbear

How could we bare to have a game without bears, biers or beer? FF needs all three, and now it has them.


Fair enough, from now on my pubs shall only serve Bare Bear Beer then.

There is actually a brand called Schweinbrau (Pig Bear) in northern Bavaria, so no reason we can’t serve Bärenbrau (Bear Beer) in FF

In fact, that could be one of the first of the new decorative Mods: a Bierkeller reskin of the pub . . .

Indeed, the canton of Bern even has a bear on its cantonal flag.

Coat of arms of Bern - Wikipedia.

Until a few years ago it also had a bear pit with a couple of bears living in it which people could visit. This was changed into a much larger park area for the bears along the banks of the river Aar.

How many of you have played the bear mode so far?

Love that news, thank you for this. :rofl:

I did and it was fun until I realized I could never have Chickens, let alone goats or cows. I kept wondering why the deer were being wiped out so fast until I watched non hunters attacking and killing them, lol. I didn’t have to worry about the wolves at least.


1st, April

We hope you all enjoyed this (not so real) news. But while the announcement was not real, bear mode very much is!

You can continue to opt into it through betas in your Steam library:

  • Right click Farthest Frontier.
  • Choose “Properties”.
  • Select the “Betas” tab.
  • Select the Bear Mode branch in the dropdown box.
  • Suffer the consequences of your life choices.

oh wow thats amazing! thank you for that

Thanks to the team for making this mode. Good fun watching bears running around doing stuff. :smile:

And with the following additions or changes:

  • Convert all beer to mead as it is made from honey.
  • Make bear dens movable since bears are the original architects of those habitats.
  • Add waterfalls with salmon jumping up stream for the bears to catch as well.
  • All the lookout towers will be manned by cub scouts.
  • Markets only deliver the bear necessities.
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