Beast nemesis

And i thought Gravathul was absurd.

Holy hell this thing could be a secret superboss.

lol Just came here to QQ about Nemesis bosses. Jesus. It woudln’t be such a problem if you could run from them, but these things eat my lunch, and I just end up restarting my game.

My isue with Grava is that he’s always in those dark rifts and you can’t see the shit he’s splatting you with until it’s too late. Wait, is that his ball of death or part of the scenery? Oh.

Grava can actually spawn near a purple boss thats the same model as him, and right next to them is a secret purple boss. So if you arent careful you can aggro all three of them and net yourself an instant death.

Remember the good ol’ days when Iron Maiden was considered riddiculous?
Can’t imagine a new Crucible combo of Chuppacabra and Gravkul or something.

You only need 2 chuppacabra and suddently all of your current round mobs are nemesis :rolleyes:

Poor Moosilauke looks like a harmless pet in comparison

Run into both Grava and Kuba yesterday, both borderline one-shotted me. If this is a trend for the new nemesis bosses, then I forsee a lot of nope&rift in my future :,D