Before i sell my all green or some blues..

Sometimes i wander in trading thread and people look for some green items with certain suffix, prefixes (and use them at end game). This is also true for some blue items.

So before i sell everything in my stash, which ones should i not sell? Actually what is a good roll? Because maybe i am selling something important…

For example, is this any good?

This pretty much too complicated and varies on a build to build basis to give you a comprehensive list of what to keep.

For epics at least, you can keep these tho (what I can think of from the top of my head)
-Empowered Legplates of Valor
-Black Star of Deceit
-high level sets; they’re getting buffed next patch and might become strong enough to be worth keeping

noted ty

for example is this good item

Thats a double rare Monster frequent item… I mean if you can’t make full use of it I am sure someone else may be able to. Unless you don’t trade lol