Before weakening some very fast BD, I hope

Not only blue buff and pioneer flag can strengthen attack power, but also red, yellow and green buffs.If crucible is the standard, they are all attack buffs.So that you can achieve very fast speed, many BD can do so, as long as you want.
But in fact, it is likely to have many problems and defects.Bathed in the blessing of God, After leaving the crucible, it may become a piece of glass.Can’t go further in SR or elsewhere.I won’t say it’s not a normal way to play, But it is not a relatively objective state.
It is hoped that the crates can take into account some limitations of different states of some BD and be merciful.It may only be a special state of BD.
For example, Rune of Hagarrad and Runebinder.
with the aura of God in the crucible, are like Superman, but they are smashed in front of the real God and SR.
His attack power is not too high, if the attack and defense do some balance, it can touch the knee of the counterattack BD at most.


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Is is just me, or…
What exactly are you talking about? And what´s BD and “the blessing of god”?

The Chinese GD community calls builds BD’s - guess it’s their shorthand for it.

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Translation: don’t nerf builds because of Crucible performance since Crucible obviates builds’ weaknesses due to the various buffs/banners.

Too bad that, like it or not, Crucible has been standardized as a metric for balancing.

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Aah! Re-read OP and now it makes sense. So +1 from me of course. Indeed there are some very strong builds that can only shine in crucible, first and foremost haggard builds, imo.

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Too bad most builders on this forum mostly care about crucible and just do SR75 as a viability test rather than serious measure of performance. It’s basically balancing around ample feedback on crucible performance vs balancing in the dark based on fuzzy dps estimations.


I’m here with the popcorn for the storm banner nerf. Though the much deserved ulo nerf that would rein in the drastic overperformers doesn’t seem to be dawning yet.

I’m not sure Hah-jia-lah is a good example. It sucks even in Crucible in today’s standards. It needs to lose the point blank penalty already.

I agree with this.