Beginner 2h melee druid

Hi guys,

On my forcewave poor man utos dropped (lvl 75) and since 2h melee tickled my fancy i decided to go 2h melee shaman with slight gun support - good both 2h melee and ranged have good MI support.

Now, I am just about to kill warden.

Are there any MIs that would help me in the beginning ? What would be particularly useful equipment-wise at low levels?

and for melee druid - this keep nugging me - Stormcaller Pact or StarPact?


[] Beginner's Lightning Warder this should help you a bit, just adjust to arcanist skills instead of soldier skills. You want storm callers pact for primal strike druid. [1.009 -] Lightning God Rises - 5:45m Crucible, SR 75-76, 7s Mad Queen, no greens melee Druid [g3][c+][sr] not totally up to date, but at least 95% accurate on what one should do current patch but should give you the basic idea how to skill and gear it.

Some other MI’s that can be useful except those mentioned and used in dragons guide:
Ascended Epaulets (I just linked the lowest tier version)
Living Ring good elemental damage boost via IEE skill.
Cronley’s Signet (for the bonus attack speed)
Ascended Casque attack speed and armor bonus for the arcanist toggle skill.


thank you, its so much fun, reminds me of Thor movies!

Soldier I already have in my FW which is why I decided to steer clear of this mastery this time.

do you think Druid will be ok on RR side?

Inquisitor has this good skill Censure…I am a little on the fence now but still leaning towards arcanist :smiley:

if warder is ok in the RR departement, so is druid.

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cool :smiley:

I have been looking now through faction gear on Veteran Dreeg vs Bysmiel and both seem to have some good options.

Which one do u recommend?

EDIT: rushed temple of osyr for this:

no “of alatricity” but good for the time being

EDIT: there is also Solael.

Are these 3 mutually exclusive, i.e. can I join only 1 of the three?

On druid, definitely the of alacrity. If you aren’t weaving savagery you have no class attack speed so you want all you can get on the weapon


OK, will be farming later on! cheers!

You will still need to farm new one for each level the halberds can drop at a higher tier version, just as with FW MI axe. As mentioned, attack speed definitely. It is something that class lacks, which is why I put that MI helm on the list above. Such a sweet early-mid game boost.

You could/should also try to have the 2nd node in jackal (or entire devotion) and the 2nd spider node for speed boost early on. And of course, Kraken. Just as with speed on your FW build, speed means consistent applying of devotion procs and life steal. Not all of Primal strike DPS will be shown in the chars dps figure on the char tab (because Torrent is counted as a skill within the skill Primal strike). So more attack speed also means more frequent application of Torrents.

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Thank you - lots of useful tips!

But the attack speed on the helmet confused me - is it global:


Anyway, how would MSoP benefit from attack speed?

as long as you have maiven sphere active, all those things will be added to its other properties.

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cool! I will rush arcanist a little then!

no need to rush it, but just so you know that when you get Maivens, that helm will provide a nice boost

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Hi guys!

I have several devotion points now - what would be a better debuff - Arcane Bomb or Elemental Storm? I am mid Veteran now.

I have only 1 skill now I can attatch it to - Primal Strike. I have now ES on my PS, but AB looks stronger.

you need both later anyway. Follow the devotions used by stupid dragon in his warder guide.
You need raging tempest from wind devils later too

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ok, cheers!