Beginner Crucible Farming build?

Hey all,

So I’ve been farming Aspirant Crucible 130-150 no problem with my SoC/BWC/Hellfire Pyromancer but, lacking the Infernal Knight set, Challenger has been difficult. Actually, just Iron Maiden. She wrecks me once my defensive devotions are on cooldown.

Anyways, the return on Aspirant has not been horrible but it’s gotten pretty boring to run. I can usually get ~6 legendaries per hour but I’d like to up it with Challenger and maybe Gladiator. Are there any builds out there that don’t require optimized legendaries (Markovian…) that will allow me to comfortably farm Challenger or even Gladiator 150?

Any help would be appreciated!


To beat challenger, choose one:

  1. optimized legendary/epic gear
  2. chug consumables and use all your tributes on defenses

To beat gladiator, most characters need both unless they are super OP plus designed for crucible

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but even the best characters farm challenger because of how much it costs in consumables and tributes to beat gladiator what so ever

I guess that my Pyro build clearing Aspirant with no difficulty (no tributes/consumables used during entire 130-150 farming run) with unoptimized gear is good then?

I must have been under the impression that people were clearing Challenger/Gladiator 150 no problem for some reason.

I guess my best option is to continue farming Aspirant/Ultimate runs then and be happy until I’ve finally acquired some optimized gear?

Nay. You can beat challenger w/o sick gear and consumable chugging. You won’t be beasting it, but totally doable

OP you won’t be be beating gladiator w/o a sick build just how it is. Challenger should be pretty doable for a lot of builds though. Don’t really have any specific recommendations I guess, but just pick something that isn’t super squish/has sustain and has some level of damage

Um, My CT Sorcerer don’t use Markovian :cool: