beginner lightning caster build?

Hi there,

is there any lightning based caster build around there for new players playing mainly single? I mean little gear dependant and not too complicated to play.


Hmm, the only Lightning Caster i can think of is Stun Jacks Elementalist

The guide is old and does things that i probably wouldn’t do in my build but i’d still recommend it cause Zars is one of the better GD players imo (despite his Turtle obsession :rolleyes:)

Zappa’s Stormcaller
Pretty much like a Trozan druid, but without Sky Shards and more of a close range due to usage of Empowered Lightning Nova. Never seemed neither good nor very fun, but for some reason it was rather popular before. Outdated by now, waiting for someone to resurrect it. Maybe it’s you? :wink:

I have an alternate Lightning build for forum members but i am unsure if anyone wants a guide or not

Wind Devil / Storm Totem is the best new player friendly lightning build, just run around looting / dodging stuff while using your 2 lightning spells every few sec.

It’s not a caster per se

Those are side-skills

If anyone wants to go Lightning Caster then go Stun Jacks

For Electrocution builds i’d recommend Stun Jacks

Eh? I mean you cast spells, you choose where they go? Seems like a caster to me, its just not a machine gun caster where you spam one skill like an auto attack. Placement matters, etc. It is also the best new player lightning caster for sure. Least skill needed.

You are definitely a caster but trap builds like this aren’t newb friendly and those two skills need good gear and skill investment.

Jacks is a much more newb friendly skill

I figure a new player just wants to easily be able to get to ultimate, how is it a trap? Also it needs 0 gear to function just fine.

I only play HC Self found myself, so i figure if i can play a build through the whole game, safely with a build like this, and it kills things quickly, and its easy to pilot, it is therefore my definition of a beginner friendly, lightning based caster build.

No trap means. Trap build

Mortar trap/Storm Totem - Traps do the damage you laugh maniacally and scream “you have no power here!!”

Ah, okay guess we will just agree to disagree then, fire and forget trap builds = newb friendy XD Not trying to argue with someone, just trying to help out the OP.

Same here

Well now OP has some options to consider

Personally i feel trap builds could use some buffs. I had a salty experience with them

Ah, someone has been enjoying the Evil Overlord vibes. Mwahaha…The only reason I made a pet build, TBH, was to do exactly that kind of thing. My cat sits on my lap, I use one hand to pet her, the other to press Pet Attack and Move To…And then laugh evilly as I go, “Yes, yes my minions…Destroy them all! Mwahahaha”

Cough. Anyways. Lightning Caster has a few options. Stun Jacks is an easy one, yes. Personally I’d suggest focusing into Shaman hard no matter what, because the Lightning Aura at the end of it is so insanely good. Wind Devil/Storm Totem works, but gets a little old…You COULD do those with Stun Jacks, or one of those with Jacks. Wind Devil has RR on it, so it’s hard to skip if you’re near it. Personally I’d go Wind Devil and no transmuter Stun Jacks, maybe grab Tempest out of the devotions and link it to Wind Devil.

Did that with my Primal Striker, with the Wind Devil, and TBH Tempest/WD clears most of the trash by itself.

Allright folks. I’ve started a wind devil shaman, lvl 32 now. I need some adviceson where to put (or remove) points. Here’s his stats (4 pts left):
wendigo totem 2
storm totem 10
stormcaller pact 1 (don’t really understand how it works)
wind devil 7
raging tempest 12
maelstrom 3
mogdrogen pact 1
heart of the wild 6
oak skin 1
phy 329
cun 255
spi 320

Im using a pistol (why? because) and a shield. Of course my main offensive are wind devil and storm totem.

What do you think?

Not looking for a full guide but what class combo would you use now/what main skills (besides jacks) would you use?

No one can help?