Belt affixes with +skills still exist?

Hey guys i was doing a build with a rare belt with one of the affixes that gives +2 to two different skills.

However, now i have been trying just to create the items to see if it was possible and i see in GD stash that i cannot create belt with any +skill affixes anymore, even though it still shows up on grimtools calc as a choice for belts.

I was wondering if anyone know if belt can still spawn with +skill affixes?

go to grimtools and click belt armor area. Check first three tab.

Yea thanks but i have done that(even wrote in OP! :D)

I also checked tons of patch notes and couldn’t find info.

The problem is in GD stash i can only get that affix to show if now enable all affixes instead of just valid ones. This wasn’t always so.

And i suspect that since gd stash imports directly from games files that possibly it’s more up to date?

That’s why i am asking if anyone know if actually in game rare belts drop with +skill affixes still?

What belt and affixes do you try to use??

What belt and affixes do you try to use??

Death Knight. But it’s all of them that don’t show so could be any. Just all +skill.