Benchmark for "good" DPS?

Can anyone suggest some general rules for what constitutes “good” DPS at a given level? Just as something to aim for.

This one is hard to define, because different builds will have different benchmarks especially at different levels and items.

I guess you should just see for yourself if you’re comfortable killing things with your damage and if yes, then it’s enough.

It also depends on the goal of your build. For example, any top tier damage orientated crucy build will generally look for a minimum of a 20-25s dummy kill time, 11s Mad Queen kill time, 10min 170 clear time.

Unfortunately, there’s no concrete sheet DPS value anyone here can give you because it doesn’t include things like devotion procs, item procs, etc. etc. etc.

A caster for example may have a sheet dps of 5000, but still wipe MQ in 9s.

don’t aim for specific “sheet” dps numbers. that number is (at best) useful for builds that use an auto attack skill and not much else. and even for those, the number is inadequate. it’s not going to tell you how fast you’ll actually kill stuff. it can’t even accurately predict if switching an item for another one is going to increase your actual damage output / kill speed since it only takes a handful of easy to compute factors into account (weapon damage, attack speed, % bonuses) but ignores many other factors that also affect the “real” performance.

for any build that consists of more than “hold down left mouse button until everything is dead”, the sheet dps number is almost completely irrelevant.

my simple rule of thumb while levelling is that if i spend more time running and picking up loot than killing stuff, my damage is good enough for now and i might as well invest the next few points in survivability related skills.

agree with the post above